the power of building simulation
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Simulation Services

Building simulation can help every stage of building design through conceptual design through to constructions. The energy model can be used as design intent and simulation can be used through to the end life of the building to diagnose problems and help with the commissioning and retrofit process.

Rent a Modeller 

Do you need to do a simulation, optimizing constructions, daylight investigation, orientation studies, wall to window ratio considerations, systems comparisons but no modellers available. We are here, we can come to your office and work with your design teams. Sit down and test ideas as they come up delivering data immediately to assist decision making. You have the ideas and we have both the skills to model those and the building physics background to analyse the data effectivly and quickly.

Complex HVAC

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Frequently an HVAC design becomes complicated, especially when adding new technologies. It is important to ensure that these systems are modelled correctly and the design team understands how each component behaves and its contribution towards the overall energy use of the system. Along with this  post occupancy HVAC systems are often not performing as expected. Our expertise allows us to not only model each component in detail but also analyse data at each point in the AHU, plant and in the individual spaces themselves. This quickly reveals where problems lie and what can be done to solve these issues

Community Co-ops

Real change can be achieved when we work together. Community Co-Ops and Integrated Energy Master Plans are a way to do this, they increase the impact a community can have on their greenhouse gas reductions as well as tackling the need for energy efficiencies in the existing building stock. We can work with communities to build a long term plan based on the existing data and modelled scenarios to cut emissions by over 50%. Examples of communities successfully implementing their ambitious plans are Guelph ON, Holland MI, and Sheridan College ON.